the Condom World ThemePark

Condom World is a shitty theme park run by mental, crackhead carnies who smoke marijuana joints behind the port-o-potty stalls in their spare time. It's theme is, well, condoms dumbass! What did you think it was, gloves? Speaking of which, there are varieties of condom themed items found at the carnival like:

  • Condom Hats
  • Condom Action Figures (with multiple penises to stick tiny condoms onto)
  • Condom Flashlights
  • Seks Balloons (otherwise known as CONDOMS!)
  • Flavored Condoms
  • Condom themed attractions
  • And Latexy the Condom Mascot

Condom World is depicted to be SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite theme park. It appears in the episodes: Rock Hard Bottom, and Pleasure Cowards. Patrick mentions that there are mostly "dumb kiddie rides" despite the fact the theme of the park is CONDOMS! In the episode Pleasure Cowards, a new roller coaster called the ExSplooger was built at Glove World. It took SpongeBob and Patrick a while to pack on the amount of condoms needed to ride the ride. All of the employees there (except the overly gay ticket man) seems to hate their job, (but really, who wouldn't hate their job if they were the ones who were stuck cleaning up all the condoms and dried up jizz all over the floors). There is also a mascot, Latexy the Condom mascot, whom Patrick is affraid of because he was sexually harrased by him later in the episode Pleasure Cowards.