Tom getting what what in the butt.

The Ass Rammer is a high power, over-sized, sex toy, that has been outlawed in 24 U.S. states, that rams a persons ass with a big, 10-inch dildo at 60 m.p.h.! Some people have claimed that it itches during the first 10 minutes.


It was invented by popular YouTuber TheMysteriousMrEnter in 2009 back when he was a pathetic PewDiePie wannabe before those even existed under the name of Brovania. He did not use it for his own sexual gartification (the man was asexual, after all), but rather as an attempt to try to kill a few of those irrittating Bikini Bottom douchebags he would later become famous for taking the piss out of.

Machine DetailsEdit

As previously stated above, The Ass Rammer is merly a high powered, hydraulic, sex toy. It was oulawed in 5 states due to complaints of bodily fluids being splattered everywhere by the user after using the device. The Ass Rammer uses 15 hydraulic pumps to power a 10-inch dildo up the user's ass at a speed of over 60 m.p.h. to give off an orgasm like no other. However, afterwards the user's body muscles would become weak due to all the intense speed and power riding behind you, so user's are required to devote 3 hours of rest after using the Ass Rammer.

People who have used the Ass RammerEdit

Of course, you'd have to be insane or really, REALLY, horny to use the Ass Rammer. I talking 13 months without jerking off horny, I'm talking 13-year old yaoi fan-fiction writer horny! I'm talking Twilight fan girl horny! Or you can just be as horny as SpongeBob to use it. I think Tom also used it in that one episode, no wait that was your mom.